ECDavies is an installation artist, working with and combining sound, moving image, performance and textiles. Davies records simple yet memorable situations exploring process and creative expression through action and exchange. Masked, anonymous performances are projected into imaginary realms where time and space are manipulated in edit through repetition and montage. Davies zooms in on the minutiae of individual gestures, connecting patterns and rhythms associated with games, song lyrics, chance, emotions and everyday life. ‘Press Play and Record’ (2017), involved over 900 masked participants in choreographed events, exchanges and actions in the UK and Germany. Davies is based in Berlin and represented by Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The ritualistic form treats the human being not as the source of the dramatic action, but as a somewhat depersonalised element in a dramatic whole. The intent of such depersonalisation is not the destruction of the individual; on the contrary, it enlarges them beyond the personal dimension and frees them from the specialisations and confines of personality. They become part of a dynamic whole which, like all such creative relationships, in turn, endow its parts with a measure of its larger meaning. 
Maya Deren, Anagram of Ideas (1946)