Berlin Workspaces (2013)

People from Berlin Workspaces chose a message from a series of seven, printed on badges. Each person made a sign displaying their message, 'see me, hear me, love me, hate me, want me, need me and miss me'. The project continued at workplaces in North East England during 'A Stitch in time' at Vane in 2013.

27/03/13: Medienwerkstatt im Kunsthaus Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997
25/03/13: Schnittstelle, Bergmannstrasse 108, 10961, Berlin
23/03/13: Digging, 2nd Hand Clothes and Records, Nostitzstrasse, 10961, Berlin
19/03/13: Colours, Bergmannstr. 102, 10961, Berlin
16/03/13: Nähinstitut, Moritzplatz, 10969, Berlin