Follow My Leader (2017)

Live performance/video/animation
Title: Follow My Leader (2017) 6'55", dual channel projection/audio/high definition
Event/s: ‘Make A Little Move’ / Location: Artist’s Studio, Berlin, Photo Studio, Berlin /Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne/
Duration: 6 hours /Dates: April/May 2017
Involved: EC Davies, Performers
Action: Performers selected a love heart balaclava and pair of washing up gloves and were filmed making different body shapes/movements.
Davies later selected 1 second of each person’s movement and removed the background. Each action was repeated on a loop and the individual figures were placed together into an animated sequence that evolved and changed over the course of Press Play and Record at Vane. Audio was produced from edits of previous voice recordings of people reading song lyrics from 2015 research events.
Camera, Edits, Post Production, Audio: EC Davies

Press Play and Record 
Solo show at Vane / Exhibition dates: 20th May - 1st July 2017
Press Play and Record 
Solo show at rosalux / Exhibition dates: July 7th-July 22nd 2017