Follow Me @ Sluice Exchange Berlin

Live performance/game/installation  
Title: Follow Me
Event: Sluice EXCHANGE BERLIN / Location: Kühlhaus, Berlin / Duration: 2 hrs (1 hr p/day) 
Dates: 17/18 November 2018
Involved: EC Davies, Players 

 Players selected a love heart decorated balaclava and threw 'ME' bean bags one at a time into a circle placed on the floor. Each player had 3 goes. 
If they threw onto the circle with the ME facing upwards they won a Love Doll.

*A camera was mounted on the ceiling recording the players from above. The live feed was displayed on a monitor facing up on the floor next to the circle target. As each player collected the ME bean bag to resume playing they could see themselves from the birds eye perspective. Davies also recorded players actions with a hand held camera.

‘Follow Me’ was presented at SCOTTY by Vane for Sluice EXCHANGE BERLIN.

Sluice EXCHANGE BERLIN is an international exposition of curatorial programmes in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their spaces with kindred spaces visiting from elsewhere. The expo’s aim has always been to offer an alternative to the dominant organisational paradigms whilst demonstrating a belief in the importance of international engagement for otherwise local projects. Sluice Exchange was born from previous manifestations in New York under the title Exchange Rates.