Follow Me @ SCOTTY, presented by Vane for Sluice Exchange Berlin (2018) Berlin, DE

SCOTTY, Solo Exhibition: 3-24 November 2018                                                          
Sluice EXCHANGE BERLIN, Kühlhaus, Installation/event: 17-18 November 2018

Davies plays with ideas of individual and collective identity through transformation and exchange. Deceptively simple games where players are given instructions to follow, result in communal actions that involve large groups of people. Masks allow for an anonymity that frees people up to perform. Instructions give focus but also allow for multiple interpretations, playful interactions and initiate conversations. Whether throwing a dice or reciting pop song lyrics, players actions and/or voices are recorded live and visuals projected back into the space where they can see themselves from the camera's perspective. 

‘Follow Me’ is presented at SCOTTY by Vane for Sluice EXCHANGE BERLIN. To most a ‘follower’ on Instagram or Facebook is a win, however, Davies explores the term from other viewpoints such as a bird’s eye surveillance camera, or from a set of instructions. Davies produced a live event at Sluice, where people played a game 'Follow Me' and winners took home a Love Doll.

Davies’ recent work, Press Play and Record (2017) was developed from collaborations and exchanges with choirs in Berlin and north east England. Davies produced live events at music festival, Sounds From The Other City (Salford) and The Late Shows, Museums at Night (Newcastle upon Tyne) where over nine hundred audience members took part in actions where they could win Davies’ signature Love Dolls. 

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