'Take A Chance on Me', The Late Shows @ Vane (2017)

Live performance/game/video  
Title: Take A Chance On Me
Event: The Late Shows / Location: Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne / Duration: 4 hours / Date: 20/05/17
Involved: EC Davies, Colin Davison, Performers, Players 
Action: Players selected a love heart decorated balaclava and threw 3 giant dice.
If they threw a winning combination of 13 they took a Love Doll home. If they threw any other number, they won postcards, cut up poem kits and sweets.
A camera was mounted on the ceiling in the corner of the room and recorded the players live. The live feed was displayed in an adjacent room on a plasma screen. The footage was later edited to produce Take A Chance On Me, a single channel/audio spilt screen video piece, exhibited for the duration of Press Play and Record.
Photos: Colin Davison / Camera, Edit and Sound: EC Davies