'THE EARTH WITHOUT ART IS JUST, EH', Platform-A, Middlesbrough (2015)

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'THE EARTH WITHOUT ART IS JUST, EH' (Earthizen, Public Enemy, Chuck D, DJ Lord, Gary-G-WIZ)
Gallery visitors and members of the Members of the Middlesbrough Town Hall Community Choir and the Methodist Asylum Project Choir (MAP) took part in a series of actions over afternoon tea and cakes. People made poems from cut up lines of selected song lyrics, and were recorded reading words from Davies' silent karaoke animation. This two-minute animation contained 7 lines of lyrics taken from songs collected during previous stages of the project. The animation displayed the lyrics one word at a time and Davies recorded the word-by-word recitals to recombine these in an ongoing process.  Effectively cutting up lyrics – recorded voices - and gluing them back together, through digital editing.  

photos by Jo Strachan