Research Actions, UK, DE, 2015

EC Davies’ research project began in June 2015 with Berlin Pop Choir. Davies worked with 7 choirs and 360 singers in Berlin, Gateshead and Middlesbrough. Individual lines of song lyrics were collected from choir members from their familiar repertoires. Sequences of individual lines were assembled in the order they were given to form new combinations, and perspectives, revealing passions and messages that highlight a shared resonance in human emotion. Davies uses these lyrics as starting points for new works that include audio, animation, textile and moving image.

Further events then took place at gallery spaces with choir members in the UK and Germany. The emphasis of these sessions was to explore ideas of exchange and transformation in a playful way over tea and cakes. People made their own cut up poems and took part in audio recording sessions reading lyrics word by word from a karaoke style autocue animation. These recordings are being transformed into soundscapes that will accompany performative gestural video actions for future exhibtions.

Events have evolved over the last four years with audience exchanges in which over 800 people have participated as part of Davies’ events and exhibitions in BerlinLondon, NewcastleMiddlesbrough and Durham. This project has been generously supported by Arts Council England.

Gallery Events and Actions

Vane (Newcastle upon Tyne)
'You're picture perfect blue', from 'Boom Clap' written by by Charli XCX
with Silver Choir singers from Gateshead.
Platform-A (Middlesbrough)
'THE EARTH WITHOUT ART IS JUST, EH' from 'EARTHIZEN' written by Ridenhour, Gary G-Wiz, DJ Lord, Public Enemy
with singers from Methodist Asylum Project Choir (MAP), Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough Town Hall Community Choir. 
rosalux (Berlin)
'I'm sticking with you,' from 'I'm sticking with you' written by Lou Reed, Velvet Underground
with Berlin Pop Choir and Berlin Pop Ensemble.

A special thanks to Lyndsey Cockwell, Emily Smith, David Pisaro, Julia Plastino, Ailsa Adamson and galleries: Vane (Newcastle upon Tyne), Platform-A (Middlesbrough) and rosalux (Berlin).

A massive thank you to all the singers who took part from the amazing choirs listed below.

Berlin Pop Choir, Monster Ronson’s Karaoke Berlin (June 2015)
Berlin Pop Ensemble, Funkhaus, Berlin (June 2015)
Silversmiths, Gateshead Old Town Hall, Sage, Gateshead (June 2015)
Silver Divas, Gateshead Old Town Hall, Sage, Gateshead (June 2015)
Opera d'argento, Gateshead Old Town Hall, Sage, Gateshead (June 2015)
Middlesbrough Town Hall Community Choir, Middlesbrough (June 2015)
Methodist Asylum Project (MAP) Choir, Middlesbrough (June/July 2015)