'I'm Sticking With You', SFTOC @ Caustic Coastal (2017)

Title: I'm Sticking With You
Event: Sounds From The Other City  / Location: Caustic Coastal, Salford / Duration: 4 hours / Date: 30/04/17
Involved: EC Davies, Colin Davison, Performers, Players 
Action: Players selected a love heart decorated balaclava and threw 3 giant dice.
If they threw a winning combination of 13 they took a Love Doll home. If they threw any other number, they won postcards and sweets.
A camera was mounted on the scaffolding in the centre of the industrial fridge space and recorded the players live. The live feed was projected in the same room on the adjacent wall. The footage was later edited to produce single channel/audio spilt screen video piece, exhibited during The Late Shows at Vane. 
Many thanks to Islington Mill for their support.
Photos: Colin Davison / Camera, Edit and Sound: EC Davies